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Customer Insights

Knowing your customers helps you to serve them with more relevant and effective marketing. SaleCycle helps you to learn about your customers, and to manage and build your email database.

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Marketing Consent Management visual

Marketing Consent Management

Ensure that customers consent to marketing in a clear and compliant way, and manage marketing permissions for all of your campaigns.

ensure your marketing campaigns are compliant

Email Sign Up

Encourage site visitors to sign up to receive your marketing emails, ensuring clear consent is obtained and resulting in a more engaged database

build a valuable email database
Email Sign Up visual
Feedback Surveys Visual

Feedback Surveys

Learn more about your customers by asking them. Well-timed surveys help you to gather valuable feedback about your products and services.

understand why customers abandon a purchase

About Customer Insights

What Are Customer Insights?

Knowing about your customers helps you to market more effectively. Providing them with the most relevant content and product recommendations at the right time helps to further investigate the question – why do people abandon their shopping carts?

The first step is to build knowledge of online shopping cart abandonment emails and maintain an engaged database of existing and potential customers, who have signed up to receive marketing emails and messages in a compliant way.

Recent legislation in different parts of the world, such as GDPR in the EU, means that marketers now have to ensure that email consent is upfront and legally compliant.

SaleCycle’s Email Acquisition service uses smart, subtle onsite messaging on key pages such as ecommerce product pages within your website, inviting new visitors to sign-up to your marketing emails, ensuring that they provide clear consent to receive messaging.

Launching this messaging during the busiest days in ecommerce like Black Friday, specifically, can have a much bigger impact on your data collection as well as improving seasonal campaigns like Black Friday ecommerce strategy.

We believe that timing and placement is everything when it comes to collecting email addresses, which is why we discuss all options to make sure we get it right for your company. Our non-intrusive designs make sure Email Acquisition overlays help influence your visitor’s actions, rather than interrupt their visit and templates are optimised for both desktop and mobile viewing.

Our Marketing Consent Management service ensures that companies can manage existing marketing permissions easily, remembering your visitor’s permission status to help keep your marketing campaigns legislatively compliant.

Once visitors have consented to receive marketing, the key is to use the data they share with you, from preferences to purchase history, to personalised cart abandonment email content and ensure that campaigns are highly relevant to individual customers.

Gathering useful feedback from visitors, after they have abandoned a purchase, or about the products they buy, can also be used to inform everything from on-site experience to future marketing communications.

It’s about an increased focus on the customer, using the data they share to create more focused and relevant marketing, which encourages steps towards cross selling, upselling and repeat purchases.


Why Are Customer Insights Important?

Consumer insights can provide an online business with the tools to better tailor and personalise products and services to the needs and wants of their customers. In the ecommerce world, insights are essential when it comes to defining strategies and driving actions designed to boost business through key data driven by insights. When it comes to marketing, the majority of insights come from customer data and are used to create campaigns, content and overall ecommerce customer journey that better meet consumers’ needs and deliver value.

Where Do We Gather Customer Insights?

Email Marketing Statistics – Customer emails can be formatted in a number of different ways and be sent at different times depending on your business’s brand presence and marketing strategy. As long as you keep that vital communication alive via retention emails, both old and new customers are likely to stay in your customer base. More email addresses equal to more insights – where key information can be harnessed.

On-site Messaging – This is a sales tactic used to notify your online visitors with a tailored message, typically used upon viewing your homepage, landing page or ecommerce product page. The message can contain further information about the website, or notify the customer about any deals, discounts, promo codes or sales information to help them make the decision to stay, overall increasing online customer engagement and improving sales.

As an etailer, you have a matter of seconds to convince your visitors not to abandon your site and so captivating a visitor with a great on-site message is key, especially when they know very little about your brand.

Feedback Forms – To ask for feedback when a customer abandons a purchase, there are a number of options. You can use on-site surveys to ask for feedback at the point a visitor wants to leave a purchase or booking. These surveys can be displayed when customers show exit intent, allowing you to gather feedback straight away. In some cases, you may be able to solve any issues and persuade the customer to reconsider.

Feedback forms can allow shoppers to select from a list of potential issues, and a freeform box so people can explain any problems they may have encountered. This kind of direct feedback can be valuable, as customers are able to pinpoint a specific issue that led to them abandoning a purchase.

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