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Feedback Surveys

Understand why customers abandoned a purchase.

Around 84% of visitors add something to their shopping carts but leave a site without buying. Feedback surveys help you to find out why.

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How it works

Survey shoppers about their reasons for leaving the site or ask customers for feedback on your products and service.

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Email Surveys

Understand why your visitors are abandoning with just one click. Simple multi-choice questions maximise responses.

On-Site Surveys

Ask for feedback at the point a visitor wants to leave and you’ll still have time to change their mind. These surveys can be displayed when customers show exit intent, allowing you to provide real-time solutions based on your visitor’s response.

Results & Benchmarking

Surveys allow you to see where you are performing well, or identify areas for improvement. We collate data and benchmark results against other websites in your industry.

About Feedback Surveys

What Are Feedback Surveys?

On average, around 84% of site visitors who add items to their baskets will abandon checkout without making a purchase, finishing quote forms or completing travel bookings.

Finding out the answer to why do people abandon carts provides valuable insight for retailers which enables them to improve the online experience and increase conversion rates for other shoppers.

People will abandon them for a variety of reasons. For example, some may be researching with little intention to buy on that visit.

However, some will abandon because of problems that can be fixed, and customer feedback surveys sent after abandonment can produce some valuable insights which help sites to reduce cart abandonment rates.

Feedback surveys can be used on-site, at the point where customers are considering abandoning a purchase or booking. These can be set to deliver at a point when the visitor looks likely to abandon, asking them why they decided not to buy, with the ability to offer help at the point where it’s needed. They also provide some very useful social proof which can be used by brands on-site with consumer reviews, and marketing in general.

Surveys can also be emailed to customers who abandoned the site. They’re often used alongside cart abandonment email cycles. When a visitor abandons a purchase, retailers can trigger cart abandonment emails, often showing basket contents and attempting to tempt customers back to the site to complete their purchase.

If shoppers don’t respond to these emails, a follow up can be sent with an invitation to complete a feedback survey about their reasons for not buying.

It’s also important to gain insights from customers that do make a purchase. This feedback can be used by retailers to learn more about their products, such as how comfortable shoes are, which products are performing best in terms of customer satisfaction and to address any issues uncovered by the surveys.

Timing is key, and the optimal send time will depend on the product involved. Customers need to have had enough time to use and get to know the product, but it also helps to time survey messages at a point when the purchase is still fresh in their minds.

Send times can be customised according to the products customers have bought, as some products might take more time to evaluate than others. Surveys can also be targeted towards specific items which you need more feedback on.

Whether served to shoppers on-site or sent via email, our feedback surveys are designed to be simple to complete in order to maximise the amount of useful feedback you receive from shoppers.


Why Use Feedback Surveys? – Feedback surveys can help you in many ways when it comes to your online business. They can:
– Identify gaps in the market, which can lead to new product development.
– Provide you with great customer testimonials to use in your marketing materials.
– Give you an idea of key metrics to track and incentivise.
– Help you to build customer loyalty.

Where To Use Surveys? – Placement and timing of customer feedback surveys is crucial if you want to get the best response from users and avoid the risk of interrupting their journey. It’s important not to distract users from selecting products or placing an order, so placing a survey on the order confirmation page is one option. You can trigger a survey when customers are about to leave the site or abandon a purchase or booking – when the cursor moves towards the back button for example.

Why Are Customer Surveys Important? – With more and more businesses switching to ecommerce, today’s online business landscape is more competitive than ever. This makes customer feedback vital. It’s important to understand what your customers think of you – that includes both what they’re happy with and where you can improve. Acting on those insights should be the next progressive step for your online business, maintaining your areas of strength and working on your weaknesses.

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