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Recover Abandoned Sales

On average, 84% of shoppers leave without buying the items in their shopping basket.

SaleCycle helps you to persuade visitors to complete their purchase before they leave your site, or to provide an easy route back to purchase once they have left.

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Basket Abandonment Email visual

Basket Abandonment Emails

Use email to remind customers what they left behind and give them a reason to complete a purchase.

reconnect with your online customers

Basket Abandonment SMS

Use SMS to show customers the products they left behind and give them a reason to complete a purchase.

reconnect with your mobile customers
Basket Abandonment SMS visual
Browse Reminders Visual

Browse Reminders

Visitors viewing the product on your site are expressing a possible intent to buy. Timely reminders can persuade them to make a purchase.

turn browsers into buyers

Basket Reminder Requests

When a shopper looks likely to abandon a purchase, we can offer to save their basket details for later. Perfect when people aren’t quite ready to buy.

make it easy for shoppers to return
Basket Reminders Request Visual

About Recovering Abandoned Sales

Basket abandonment is a fact of life for online retailers. An average of 84% of shoppers add items to their baskets but leave the site without making a purchase.

Recovering your online sales is vital all-year-round to enable you to support healthy revenue growth. However, during the busiest retail months online such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales your recovery strategy becomes even more important. Why? Because ecommerce metrics like average order value, online traffic and abandonment rate all increase, providing businesses with an even greater opportunity to convert more users no matter what stage of the buyer’s journey they are in.

People abandon baskets for a variety of reasons. Some leave websites because they encountered problems when trying to checkout, such as confusing forms. Others are simply not ready to buy there and then. They want to think about their purchases, or perhaps consult friends and family before making the decision.

Websites can do a lot to minimise the number of people who abandon, but even if customers do abandon their shopping baskets, there’s still a lot retailers can do to tempt customers back.

For customers who are leaving because they’re not quite ready to buy, offering to send a reminder of basket contents helps them with their research, making it easy to pick up where they left off.

You can also target browsers who have ‘window shopped’ your products, with the aim of tempting them back to your website. Browse Reminder emails can show the specific products that shoppers have been looking at, as well as relevant cross-selling options, in case the products they viewed weren’t quite hitting the spot.

This is particularly relevant when it comes to fashion ecommerce retail trends because the majority of shoppers in this sector browse on their mobile devices. This means that there are more abandoned products due to people ‘window shopping’ at different times of the day given the ease of using a device to browse.

Finally, Basket Abandonment Emails offer an easy route to purchase for those shoppers who have abandoned before completing checkout. Through great timing, design, and relevant content, shoppers can be persuaded to return to the shopping basket they left behind and complete the purchase.

Tools to Recover Abandoned Sales

SaleCycle has a suite of conversion rate optimisation tools that can help increase your online sales and conversion rates.

Basket Abandonment Emails

Basket abandonment happens when a customer adds a product to their basket and then leaves without completing their purchase. Using a well-timed, optimised abandonment email with a great design, which incorporates a range of different tactics is a powerful way to persuade your customers to return and complete their purchase. Your customer retention strategy with the help of SaleCycle can have a solid impact on your online sales and conversion rate.

Basket Abandonment SMS

SMS abandoned cart messages are a powerful remarketing tactic. The key here is the correct time between abandonment and send. SMS has an open rate of 98% with messages being read within 90 seconds, so the immediacy of SMS remarketing allows businesses to connect with their abandoners quickly. Mobile devices are used by the majority of people and most sectors in ecommerce have a greater share of online traffic and conversions. SaleCycle has great success in multiple cycle SMS remarketing for numerous clients to increase online sales.

Browse Reminders

Shoppers who browse your products show clear buyer intent, or interest at the very least. People who browse your products don’t add them to their basket but the intent is enough to justify an email to entice them back to your website. SaleCycle Browse Reminders track the visitor’s browsing behaviour, and then uses stored data, browsing history and then sends an email that includes tailored content linked to products already viewed. You can also broaden the shopper’s ideas by upselling and cross-selling further products.

Basket Reminders

SaleCycle research shows that there’s a 52% basket abandonment rate for reasons related to product research. At this stage users might be comparing deals and products for the future. However, by reminding users of their viewed products by using a basket reminder email allows them to pick up where they left off while also streamlining the whole process. Using CRO tools like ecommerce countdown timers, promo codes and bespoke product trend messaging you can be even more persuasive and convince users to return to their baskets.

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