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Provide help where it’s needed

Shoppers sometimes need a helping hand to decide on a purchase. Our Call Back Request feature helps to improve conversion rates by offering assistance at just the right time.

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How it works

Using Call Back Request, you can replicate the in-store experience when it looks like shoppers need a helping hand to complete a purchase.

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Timing is key

We identify when a customer is about to abandon a purchase.

Offering assistance

A message appears asking for the shopper’s number for a call back.

Display options

Messages can be shown in a number of ways, from subtle prompts and banners to more direct notifications.

About Call Back Requests

What Are Callback Requests?

Not everyone who visits your site will end up buying, but with the right information and support, you can encourage more to complete a purchase.

When asking the question why do people abandon carts, 55% of shoppers say they have exited a purchase online because they ‘didn’t feel confident’ about it. If people can’t access the help they need, they’ll often abandon a site.

Providing help where it’s needed can solve this problem. 47% of shoppers say that good customer service and loyalty or help from customer service agents gives them more confidence to buy.

Callback Requests can reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions by answering questions customers have about a purchase.

Timing is key to success, so it’s important to identify when your shoppers are about to abandon a purchase. Using data on the products viewed and social proof marketing (or customer behaviour), we can trigger messages offering help at the appropriate moment.

When a shopper looks like they’re about to abandon the purchase, a customisable message appears asking for a contact number so they can request a call to help with any questions or concerns. This type of messaging is ideal to use on ecommerce product pages.

There are a number of display options for this feature, from subtle prompts to more attention-grabbing options like a full-screen takeover. We can experiment with different display options and timing to find the version that suits your brand and produces the best results.


What Does A Callback Do? – A callback function is a function that creates a request for a ‘’callback’’ for a specified phone number. This means that instead of waiting on hold (or in a queue) when all agents are busy, the caller’s place is held in position and their call is automatically returned when an agent becomes available.

Why Do Customers Request Callbacks? – Customers are more likely to request callbacks for these main reasons:
– The line is busy / the hold queue is too long
– They don’t want to wait on hold
– There are no available agents to pick up the call at that time (especially outside of business hours)

Why Are Callbacks Useful? – Callbacks are very useful because they can:
– Increase customer satisfaction
– Reduce customer effort
– Reduce the number of abandoned calls
– Shorten call queues
– Present more sales opportunities

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