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Product Trends

Use social proof to drive conversions

Showing how many people are viewing and buying your products can add urgency and speed up conversions.

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Product Trends Example

How it works

Our Product Trends messages show key information about customer browsing and buying behaviour.

Product Trends Example

When to show messages

Trends information can be shown as people first land on a page, after a period of inactivity, in response to clicks, or when they’re about to leave.

Urgency messaging

Tell visitors how many people are viewing a product, or are about to book the flight they’re considering.

Display options

Trends messages can be shown in a number of ways, from subtle prompts and banners to more direct notifications.

About Product Trends

Showing Product Trends data to site visitors gives them useful information which can help them to come to a decision, as well as adding an element of urgency which can speed up conversions.

For example, if there’s only one pair of shoes left in a customer’s size, then they need to buy quickly to avoid the risk of missing out.

This data is generally used to show product popularity and availability, and is a form of marketing through scarcity. It works on the fear of missing out (FOMO). In addition, if something is rare or exclusive, it can seem more valuable to people. Product trend data can be a powerful technique and is a key tool to add to your conversion rate optimisation strategy.

Product Trends should be displayed with the customer in mind. If you provide useful data which informs their decision, it helps them to make an informed and more speedy decision, and can increase conversions.

It’s a great way to use social proof. Showing how many people have viewed a certain product recently, tells customers that other people are interested in that product, and makes it more credible.

How Can Live Product Trends Improve Your Conversion Rate

Product Trends messages can be triggered in a number of ways, such as time-based triggers show Trends data when your shopper first lands on a page or has become inactive for a period of time.

Trends data can also be shown when a visitor moves the cursor towards the close tab or browser button to persuade them to reconsider.

Product Trends information can also be displayed when a visitor clicks on a certain button or link within the page.

Websites have plenty of useful data on customer behaviour, product views and purchase trends, and it pays to use this to help and inform other shoppers.

When displayed in the right context, Product Trends data can give consumers a gentle nudge to purchase.

This type of technique can become very powerful during the busiest retail months and events, such as Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales, especially when customers know there is a limited amount of stock and an inflated amount of other customers browsing too.

Product trends can be best used during specific areas of the user journey. For example, showing fashion ecommerce retail trends on your product pages or adding live product trend messages during the travel booking procedure.

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