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Customer Insights

Knowing your customers helps you to serve them with more relevant and effective marketing. SaleCycle helps you to learn about your customers, and to manage and build your email database.

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Marketing Consent Management

ensure your marketing campaigns are compliant

Ensure that customers consent to marketing in a clear and compliant way, and manage marketing permissions for all of your campaigns.

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Email Sign Up

build a valuable email database

Encourage site visitors to sign up to receive your marketing emails, ensuring clear consent is obtained and resulting in a more engaged database

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Feedback Surveys Visual

Feedback Surveys

understand why customers abandoned a purchase

Learn more about your customers by asking them. Well-timed surveys help you to gather valuable feedback about your products and services.

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About Customer Insights

Knowing about your customers helps you to market more effectively, providing them with the most relevant content and product recommendations at the right time.

The first step is to build and maintain an engaged database of existing and potential customers, who have signed up to receive marketing emails and messages in a compliant way.

Recent legislation in different parts of the world, such as GDPR in the EU, means that marketers now have to ensure that email consent is upfront and legally compliant.

SaleCycle’s Email Sign Up service uses smart, subtle messages on key pages of your site, inviting new visitors to sign-up to your marketing emails, ensuring that they provide clear consent to receive messaging.

Our Marketing Consent Management service ensures that companies can manage existing marketing permissions easily, remembering your visitor’s permission status to help keep your marketing campaigns legislatively compliant.

Once visitors have consented to receive marketing, the key is to use the data they share with you, from preferences to purchase history, to personalize email content, and ensure that campaigns are highly relevant to individual customers.

Gathering useful feedback from visitors, after they have abandoned a purchase, or about the products they buy, can also be used to inform everything from on-site experience to future marketing communications.

It’s about an increased focus on the customer, using the data they share to create more focused and relevant marketing, which then encourages them to make repeat purchases.

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