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Awin x SaleCycle – One-Click Activation

Awin x SaleCycle – One-Click Activation


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Awin and SaleCycle make tech partnerships simpler via one-click activation

Awin and SaleCycle have announced advertisers can now unlock a host of ecommerce solutions via a new one-click activation process.

SaleCycle work with companies to help inspire, shape and support the conversions that exist within every customer journey. From the moment someone lands on an advertiser’s website for the first time or as a repeat customer, every click is crucial. 

From landing page through to following up purchases or abandonments in style, SaleCycle can ensure the journey is truly individualised and impactful.

And that impact just became even easier to access, with just one click needed through Awin’s marketplace to start that process. A placeholder will automatically deploy the SaleCycle tag on the advertiser’s website and send SaleCycle a notification about it. 

Awin’s advertisers that are now seeking to activate SaleCycle on their site can do so immediately via a button in the Awin platform’s user interface, which streamlines and automates this implementation. 

Nick Rouquette – Director of Partnerships and Ecosystems

“SaleCycle and Awin have been partnering for many years now. We have the privilege to work jointly with some amazing brands. Our Partnership is now going to the next level with the Awin One Click activation!

We are excited about the launch of this integration as it removes a barrier to implementation and therefore reduces the time-to-value for advertisers. This means that we can help them generate incremental revenues sooner.

We already make Marketers’ life easier with our fully managed solution. The integration is another brick to help them scale their ecommerce revenues faster.”

To activate SaleCycle via your Awin platform today, navigate to the Advertiser MasterTag page under Toolbox within the UI.


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