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SaleCycle and LINK Mobility Join Forces to Revolutionise Customer Engagement

SaleCycle and LINK Mobility Join Forces to Revolutionise Customer Engagement


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SaleCycle have partnered with LINK Mobility, a specialist in mobile messaging and chatbot solutions. This partnership aims to provide SaleCycle’s customers with SMS & WhatsApp messaging solutions, enhance their ability to connect with audiences in real-time and drive personalised interactions.

The partnership is a strategic move by SaleCycle to expand its suite of offerings and provide its customers with an even more comprehensive solution for customer engagement. SMS and WhatsApp are two of the most popular messaging channels in the world, and businesses are increasingly looking to leverage these channels to connect with their customers in a more direct and personalised way.

SaleCycle have previously been able to offer SMS solutions, but the partnership with LINK Mobility will enable brands to utilise exciting and powerful new solutions including WhatsApp and chatbot conversations for automated two-way engagement.  

LINK Mobility’s expertise in mobile messaging and chatbot solutions will complement SaleCycle’s data-driven conversion marketing platform, enabling businesses to send highly targeted and personalised messages to their customers. This will help businesses to further improve their customer engagement rates, drive conversions, and boost sales.

The partnership is also expected to deliver additional value to SaleCycle’s customers in the following ways:

  • Real-time engagement: SaleCycle’s customers can now reach their target audiences instantly with time-sensitive messages using LINK Mobility’s SMS messaging solutions. The immediacy of this channel remains key for marketers who wish to have that closer relationship at the right moment. LINK Mobility’s chatbot solution can also seamlessly guide the customer through their purchase journey at the point of purchase, alleviating last minute concerns in the purchase process.
  • Personalisation at scale: SaleCycle’s data-driven conversion marketing platform and LINK Mobility’s messaging prowess enable businesses to send highly personalised SMS and WhatsApp messages, which promotes a sense of connection and boosts the likelihood of customer responses.
  • Abandoned cart recovery: Businesses can use the direct and attention-grabbing medium of SMS to re-engage potential customers who have left items in their online shopping carts, but also extend that impact with the addition of WhatsApp messaging from LINK Mobility.
  • Multichannel strategy: Businesses can seamlessly integrate SMS and/or WhatsApp messaging into their broader marketing strategies, creating consistent and complementary experiences across various touchpoints. Email remains a great way to engage with customers but WhatsApp can bring the same rich content with an added interactive experience.  
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Prompt and relevant communication leads to happier customers. SaleCycle’s expertise in understanding customer behaviour combined with LINK Mobility’s efficient messaging solutions contributes to improved customer satisfaction rates. Both companies bring a wealth of expertise that goes towards the same goal of delivering a great experience and ultimately customer satisfaction. 

The SaleCycle & LINK Mobility partnership is a significant development in the customer engagement landscape. It provides businesses with a powerful solution to connect with their customers in real-time, send personalised messages, and drive conversions. As businesses increasingly realise the added potential of SMS and WhatsApp as tools for customer engagement, this partnership is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the customer journey and the success of their clients in delivering against their revenue targets. 

Fabien Sanchez, CEO of SaleCycle said “At SaleCycle, our mission has always been to revolutionise the way businesses engage with their customers. Teaming up with LINK Mobility allows us to take this commitment to the next level. By integrating their cutting-edge SMS and WhatsApp messaging solutions into our suite of offerings, we’re excited to provide our customers with a powerful tool for real-time, personalised, and impactful interactions that drive results.”

SaleCycle and Link Mobility

James O’Hare, UK Managing Director at LINK said, “We are thrilled to partner with SaleCycle to bring the exciting breadth of SMS and engagement of WhatsApp to customers. Together, we aim to empower businesses to forge deeper connections with their audiences in a fast-paced digital world.”


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