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[Infographic] Cart Abandonment Stats – Q3 2013

[Infographic] Cart Abandonment Stats – Q3 2013


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Cart abandonment rates fell in Q3 2013 with 1.6% fewer shoppers leaving their purchase at the till compared with the previous quarter. Taken from a consolidation of statistics from 200 global brands, our Quarterly Infographic looks at all the key cart abandonment statistics in Q3 2013:

Infographic: Cart Abandonment Stats - Q3 2013

Eating’s Cheating

One of the most interesting trends from the last quarter is the tendency for high abandonment rates during ‘lunchtime’ periods. Β You can almost picture consumers using a few stolen minutes of their lunch to browse online for purchases in time for the weekend (new shoes for the weekend gals?) and then abandoning the purchase as the time comes to get back to work.
A key consideration when putting together cart abandonment emails to remember that sometimes all a shopper needs is a little help finding their way back to the stuff they were looking at earlier in the day (perhaps once they’re back browsing on the sofa) and why brands who use a soft and fun customer service approach tend to have so much success.

DKNY's Abandoned Cart Email
Forgot something Hot? We love DKNY’s tongue-in-cheek style combined with the simple CTA to ‘Finish Your Order’

I’m Listening

A consistent trend when we look at the purchases from cart abandonment emails is the fact the total average order value of purchases is so often higher than that of direct (un-abandoned!) sales.
Without wanting to go all Frasier Crane on you, it’s an interesting insight into the psyche of the abandoner. Trends show the typical cart value of an abandoned purchase is around 50% higher than that of a typical direct purchase with consumers busily filling their carts with a ready made ‘Wish List’ of things they’d like to purchase – while the actual direct purchaser will either not be so cavalier in adding these ‘extra’ items in the first place, or will remove them from the cart before hitting purchase (memories of trying to sneak sweets into the cart on shopping trips with my mom ringing true here).
When that ‘greedy abandoner’ then receives a nice little email displaying their wish list in all it’s glory – the trend is that while they may remove some of the value from the cart (either in number of items, or cheaper products) – they will still spend around 19% more than that prudent direct purchaser.
Throw in the clever addition of product recommendations into the mix (matching purse with those shoes ladies?) and it’s a very powerful and compelling marketing message.

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