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12 Fascinating Mobile Commerce Stats and Trends

12 Fascinating Mobile Commerce Stats and Trends


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A selection of mobile commerce stats, including market size and growth, mobile search, conversion rates, and share of traffic and sales by device.

US Mobile Commerce Market Stats

Mobile commerce sales were worth $268.78 billion in 2019, up from $41.71 billion in 2013.

US mobile commerce sales stats

UK Mobile Commerce Market Growth: Western Europe

According to data from CRR Research, mobile commerce sales are behind much of the growth in ecommerce over the past seven years.

Mobile as Percentage of Total Ecommerce Sales

Mobile commerce accounted for 67.3% of all ecommerce sales worldwide in 2019.

This growth is driven by younger demographics using mobile, as as regions such as APAC, where mobile accounted for 76.1% of ecommerce sales in 2017.

Mobile is not as dominant is Western Europe and North America, but still accounts for the majority of visits to retailers.

mobile commerce as percentage of ecommerce

Mobile vs Desktop Conversion Rates

Mobile conversion rates are still behind desktop, though the gap is closer in the UK.

Tablets, which are also mobile devices, manage to convert at a greater rate, which suggests that screen size is a key factor in ease of checkout.

mobile conversion rates stats

Mobile vs Desktop Add to Cart Rates

While mobile conversion rates are much lower than desktop, add to cart rates are much closer.

This suggests that people are entering the checkout process on mobile, but are being deterred from completing purchase.

Traffic and Sales by Device

Mobile accounts for the majority of traffic to retail, fashion and travel sites, though some are more likely to convert this traffic into sales.

Fashion sites attract 67% of sales from mobile, compared to 50% for retail overall.

Travel sites, partly due to a more complex search and booking process, only attract 29% of sales from mobile users.

Mobile Internet Usage by Demographic

The younger the age group, the more likely they are to use their mobiles to access the internet.

For this reason, retailers targeting younger demographics (the fashion sector for example) have focused on mobile usability.

Black Friday Mobile Commerce

Black Friday has become more of a mobile shopping event, and this year the majority of traffic to ecommerce sites came from smartphones.

According to Adobe, 58% of traffic came from mobile, up 7% on 2018 (see chart below).

However, people are still more likely to purchase on desktop, with just 36% of purchases being completed on mobile, compared to 59% on desktop.

Black Friday stats mobile commerce

Proportion of Emails Opened on Mobile Devices

According to Litmus stats, 42% of emails are opened on mobile devices (including mobile).

Around 28% of all email opens happen on Apple iPhones, with just 2.3% on Android.

Uninstalling Mobile Apps

According to Adjust, marketers have an average of 10-11 days to re-engage users before they delete travel and ecommerce apps.

Mobile Search Stats

Mobile now accounts for 58% of Google searches in the US, up from 39% in 2014.

Mobile Page Speed and SEO

A Searchmetrics study found a correlation between higher ranking websites on Google and how quickly these sites loaded.

Sites that appear on the first page of Google display their content in an average of 1.19 seconds, compared to 1.29 seconds for sites on page two.    



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