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A Fashionista's Guide to Email Remarketing

A Fashionista's Guide to Email Remarketing


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SaleCycle’s very own ‘dedicated follower of fashion’ Caroline Fox gives her 5 top tips for making sure your Email Remarketing campaign really stands out from the crowd…
As my husband (and wardrobe!) will confess, I’m a prime target when it comes to alluring fashion advertising and marketing campaigns tempting me to add another item to my collection (especially shoes, a girl can never have too many shoes!). But while I may seem ‘frivolous’ to my husband’s untrained eyes, the key is all in the detail. If a brand hasn’t done its work to allure me, then it won’t get the sale, it’s as simple as that.
The average cart abandonment rate in fashion is around 73%. In an industry where it really is ‘all about the detail’ here are the five key things to consider when creating an email remarketing campaign to tempt these customers back:

1 Make it Pretty!

Just as every fashionista would dream of owning a made-to-measure haute couture gown versus an off-the-rack number for that special occasion, the same is true for a remarketing creative. An Email Remarketing message will be made more desirable when it is bespoke and uniquely fitted to the brand which it represents.
Accessorize do a fantastic job of putting products and models at the centre of their email designs with large background imagery, while both French Connection and Cath Kidston use large banners that immediately catch the eye and shout ‘buy me!’.

2 Keep the Design Fresh

One of the challenges associated with any automated email campaign is keeping the creative fresh and up-to-date. We’d always recommend that fashion brands revisit their creatives on a seasonal basis to maintain continuity between their email and website. However, brands can go one better by using dynamic content to ensure the email feels ‘alive’ and aware of what’s currently happening.
Using dynamic banners within emails where content is effectively ‘scraped’ from the website ensures that the email is bang up-to-date with the latest trends and offers, and a sure-fire way of increasing click-through.

3 Death to Unresponsiveness

I’m going to come out and say it. If you’re sending an email today and it isn’t mobile responsive, then it’s probably best not to send it!
With over half of us now opening our emails on mobile devices, it’s essential that brands are replicating that great desktop experience ‘on the go’. From personal experience, I do lots of my ‘browsing’ while commuting or over lunch on my phone and I have become almost automatic in terms of the websites I’ll visit (where I know the mobile experience will be good!) versus the ones I’ll avoid.

Coast are a current favourite of mine (both on web and email) as they make navigation so simple, even shrinking the menu options, so there is less to choose from so it’s easier to find where I want to go.

4 Say My Name…

In a rapidly more competitive marketplace, it’s more important than ever for consumers to feel valued. Sometimes that value can be as simple as being addressed by my first name and showing the brand knows what I like.
Simple but effective, Reiss include first name in the subject line and reference the number of items left in the bag right at the top of the email. It makes the email instantly more engaging and me that much more likely to click and return to my purchase.

5 Pink for the Girls

Within the span of any brand’s customers, there will be a variety of purchaser profiles e.g. male, female, kids wear, brand, order value, etc. It’s a great opportunity for brands to tailor their remarketing to the appropriate group using segmentation.
In fashion, the ability to understand about someone from their buying (and abandoning!) habits provides a great opportunity to create an instantly more relevant feeling message with simple touches like showing a female led creative (models and pinks work for me) ensuring that the email is readily more engaging and likely to get clicks.

Email Remarketing is a phenomenal way for brands to reconnect with customers who abandon a purchase online, but it’s the fine lines and detail that change what might be received as a brand damaging, inconvenient message into a wonderful extension of the brand’s customer service and a hugely rewarding campaign.

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