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Telco Stats, Trends & Ecommerce Strategy 2023

Telco Stats, Trends & Ecommerce Strategy 2023


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Telecommunications statistics and trends encompass data extracted from monitoring the online consumer journey across various telco client’s websites.  

This information becomes a cornerstone for businesses, offering invaluable insights into their websites, products, and consumer behaviour.

By staying current with the latest telco statistics and trends, you can measure your KPIs against industry-specific standards, ensuring your performance remains competitive. 

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Moreover, this practice empowers you to stay ahead of market shifts and to spot new business opportunities within the data.

👉 SaleCycle has recovered £9,436,497 for 30+ Telco clients since 2021. Discover how we can help you.

2022 online sales stats by month in telecommunications industry

Telecommunications online sales remain high from January to April and then take a major dip. From June online sales begin to build right up to Black Friday where there’s a mini peak.

We can see mobile dominates the online sales landscape for Telco. It’s important for telco brands to understand that the majority of conversions happen on mobile meaning targeted marketing activity like push notifications and SMS remarketing could provide a strong performance.

online traffic by month and device for 2022 in telecommunications industry

Online traffic in telecommunications industry is at its highest between January – March until a slight dip.

From May onwards there is a steady trend on both devices for online traffic. However, we can notice by this data that online shoppers favour mobile heavily.

2022 cart abandonment by month and device in telecommunications industry

Cart abandonment rate is at its highest in the last quarter of the year. However, from September we see mobile abandonment rate improve while desktop abandonment rate increase.

Perhaps Black Friday and Cyber Monday is much more mobile-friendly with mobile specific deals.

It’s also important for brands to note that as abandonment decreases and traffic increases this is sign that online shoppers are purchasing more and/or are showing more intent to purchase.

2022 average order value by month and device in telecommunications industry

The average order value in the telco sector shoots up in September and remains higher than the yearly average until December.

Telecommunications Revenue Pack: Top Solutions for Telco Brands to Boost Online Sales

Marc Shepherd, Head of Revenue at SaleCycle said:

“We typically see segmented Cart Abandonment campaigns around pay monthly deals or SIM only, then we have specific templates for certain product launches like the latest iPhone so we really hone in on personalising emails for products.”

“Browse campaigns perform well for telecommunications brands too because customers often browse deals close to a renewal and often want to check plan costs or upfront handset costs.”

He continued: “We see from an Onsite perspective we launch many email acquisition campaigns ahead of product launches or aimed at enhancing their email database.

“We launch a lot of on-site remarketing and email acquisition campaigns ahead of product launches for brands like Vodafone, as well as campaigns to enrich their database.”

“Also for customers who are undecided and need some guidance, we have ‘solutions finder’ campaigns with a moving carousel to help give visitors some inspiration.”

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The Importance of Customer Loyalty & Retention In Telecommunications

Exceptional customer service boosts retention and repeat business, with returning clients spending 67% more, a study reveals.

Positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals amplify customer acquisition.

Customer retention matters due to its impact on revenue. Research highlights that existing customers drive a significant portion of business income, spending 67% more.

They’re also 50% more open to new products and spend 31% more than new customers.

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Telecommunications Key Pain Point: Replicating In-Store Customer Experience On Your Website

Vodafone: How Vodafone increased their online sales by 2,000 per month

Pain Point: Re-engaging customers who displayed exit intent by showing a great offer & bridging the gap between in-store and on-site experience.

Solution: On-Site Remarketing

Use Case: Campaigns aimed to boost on-site conversion rates by displaying compelling offers during customer inactivity or before leaving the site. Initial success led to monthly display ad usage for promoting latest offers.

The ‘Problem Solver’ solution addressed customer needs during their journey, akin to assistance in a Vodafone store. Online, it understands needs and suggests optimal solutions, mirroring the in-store experience.

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How The Customer Loyalty & Retention Has Changed In Telecommunications

Prioritising customer service and retention maximises customer value and overall revenue. While acquiring new customers remains important, focusing on retention aligns with revenue-driving strategies.

Satisfied existing customers become valuable brand advocates, spreading positive reviews and referrals to expand your customer base.

The traditional telecommunications business model is becoming less impactful.

A key revenue channel was making money from premiums on long-distance calls, but the rise in technology has changed the landscape.

Telecommunications brands are more diversified, from sim only deals, packages that include broadband, and the introduction of 5G means the buying funnel is much more complex, which means customers rely on great customer service.

For example, in the United Kingdom, a model using crowdsourcing for customer service helped giffgaff become a popular telecom brand.

Customer service, along with many other tactics is one vehicle for improving customer loyalty and retention.

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3 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tactics For Telecommunications Brands

Ecommerce businesses dedicate significant efforts and investments to acquire users. Therefore, converting more browsers into buyers through conversion rate optimisation services becomes paramount.

An improved conversion rate reduces your acquisition expenses while elevating your online sales figures.

Below we share 3 battle-tested tactics to improve your conversion rate:

Cart Abandonment Emails

Cart abandonment emails are an effective strategy that telecommunications brands can employ to recover potentially lost revenue and drive higher conversions.

When customers abandon their shopping carts without completing the purchase process, it presents an opportunity for companies to re-engage them through targeted and personalised emails.

By addressing customers’ concerns, offering incentives, and reminding them of the value of their selected products or services, cart abandonment emails can significantly impact revenue growth for telecommunications brands.

Main Benefits

Recover Lost Sales: Cart abandonment emails act as a gentle reminder to customers who may have encountered distractions or hesitations during the checkout process, encouraging them to return and complete their purchase.

  • Personalization and Targeting: Telecommunications brands can tailor cart abandonment emails based on customer behaviour and preferences, making the message relevant and more likely to resonate.
  • Incentives and Offers: By including exclusive discounts, promotions, or freebies in the cart abandonment emails, brands can entice customers to take immediate action and complete their purchase.
  • Build Customer Trust: By proactively addressing any concerns or issues that may have led to cart abandonment, brands can show customers that they genuinely care about their experience, building trust and loyalty.
  • Upselling Opportunities: Cart abandonment emails present a chance to showcase related products or complementary services that the customer might be interested in, boosting the average order value.

Why Use Cart Abandonment Emails

– Cart abandonment emails recover potentially lost sales by reminding customers to complete their purchase.

– Personalised and targeted messages increase the relevance of the email, increasing the chances of conversion.

– Including incentives such as discounts or offers can entice customers to take immediate action.

– Cart abandonment emails show a brand’s commitment to customer experience, building trust and loyalty.

– Upselling opportunities in the emails can boost the average order value.

– Automated cart abandonment emails are cost-effective and require minimal ongoing effort.

– Data collection and insights help optimize offerings and marketing strategies.

– Segmentation allows brands to send targeted emails, improving the effectiveness of the campaign.

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On-Site Remarketing

On-site remarketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy that telecommunications brands can employ to drive higher conversions and increase revenue.

By strategically targeting website visitors who have shown interest but have not completed a purchase, on-site remarketing presents a valuable opportunity to re-engage customers, address hesitations, and encourage them to take action.

Through personalised and timely messages, on-site remarketing helps telecommunications brands optimise their customer journey, reduce cart abandonment, and ultimately drive more sales, leading to increased revenue.

Main Benefits

  • Re-Engage Abandoned Visitors: On-site remarketing targets visitors who leave the website without completing a desired action, such as signing up or making a purchase, giving brands a chance to bring them back.
  • Personalization and Tailored Offers: Brands can customise on-site remarketing messages based on visitor behaviour, preferences, and past interactions, making the content more relevant and compelling.
  • Incentivize Immediate Action: On-site remarketing can present exclusive offers, discounts, or promotions to entice visitors to take action, creating a sense of urgency and boosting conversion rates.
  • A/B Testing and Optimization: Brands can perform A/B testing with different remarketing messages and strategies to identify the most effective approaches, continuously optimising their campaigns for better results.
  • Improved Customer Experience: On-site remarketing shows customers that the brand values their interest and strives to provide a seamless and personalised experience, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Why Use On-Site Remarketing

– On-site remarketing targets visitors who left the website without completing a desired action, giving brands a chance to re-engage them.

– Personalization allows brands to tailor remarketing messages to match visitor behaviour and preferences.

– Incentives like exclusive offers or discounts create urgency and boost conversion rates.

– A/B testing helps optimise remarketing campaigns for better results.

– On-site remarketing enhances customer experience and satisfaction.

– By reminding users of their abandoned carts, on-site remarketing can reduce cart abandonment.

– Building lasting relationships through on-site remarketing increases customer lifetime value.

– On-site remarketing is a cost-effective strategy, as it focuses on engaging with familiar website visitors.

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Promo Codes

Promo codes are a powerful marketing tool that telecommunications brands can leverage to drive higher revenue and attract new customers.

By offering exclusive discounts or special incentives through promo codes, brands can entice potential buyers, encourage repeat purchases, and increase customer loyalty.

Promo codes create a sense of urgency and excitement, prompting users to take immediate action and complete their purchases.

These promotional offers can be strategically deployed across various marketing channels to maximize their impact, resulting in increased conversions, higher average order values, and ultimately, revenue growth for telecommunications brands.

Main Benefits

  • Attract New Customers: Promo codes can serve as an attractive incentive for new customers, encouraging them to try the telecommunications brand’s services at a discounted rate.
  • Encourage Repeat Purchases: By offering exclusive promo codes to existing customers, brands can encourage them to make repeat purchases, increasing customer retention and loyalty.
  • Create a Sense of Urgency: Limited-time promo codes create a sense of urgency, motivating potential customers to act quickly and complete their purchase to avail the offer.
  • Boost Conversions: Promo codes act as a powerful call-to-action, driving higher conversion rates as customers are more likely to take advantage of the discounted rates.
  • Increase Average Order Value: Brands can strategically set minimum spend requirements for promo codes, incentivizing customers to spend more to qualify for the discount.

Why Use Promo Codes

– Promo codes attract new customers by offering discounted rates on telecommunications services.

– Exclusive promo codes encourage repeat purchases, enhancing customer loyalty.

– Limited-time offers create urgency and motivate quick action from potential customers.

– Promo codes act as compelling call-to-actions, boosting conversion rates.

– Minimum spend requirements for promo codes increase the average order value.

– Brands can track campaign performance and measure the success of their marketing efforts.

– Social media engagement can be fostered using promo codes as incentives on these platforms.

– Promo codes can be used to reward customer loyalty and strengthen brand-customer relationships.

👉 Explore 3 real world examples of how SaleCycle increased online conversions for Vodafone, Tesco Mobile &


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