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The Hamburger Menu Has Arrived in Remarketing Emails

The Hamburger Menu Has Arrived in Remarketing Emails


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Lead Designer, Luke Nokes, introduces the notorious hamburger menu to your remarketing emails…mmm meaty!
Did you see the word hamburger and click before even realizing what you were reading? I bet you did, in fact just writing the word “hamburger” over a dozen times throughout this blog has left a hunger-knot in my stomach. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m here to talk about a different type of hamburger.
A great new functionality the Design Team here at SaleCycle have recently added to our remarketing emails…cue Hamburger Menus!

Mmmm, hamburgers.. wait, what exactly is a “Hamburger Menu”

Well, the truth is that hamburger menus are nothing new throughout web and app design, you probably already recognize them (and if you’re a Chrome user you’ll even spot one in the top right corner of your browser!)
But, it hasn’t been until recent years with the rise, and now overtake, of mobile that great features like these are now being considered in email. Which as a designer, is massively exciting!
So what’s all the fuss about? The primary problem the hamburger menu solves is fitting all of those big, chunky navigation options from a desktop design into a tiny little mobile screen.
Ever tried to push the navigation to the bottom of the email, had it in a giant panel at the top (distracting from the main content of your email you’ve spent forever creating), or even gotten rid of it altogether? Yeah, we feel your pain.
[one_half_last]Hamburger_Mock_z (1)[/one_half_last]
The hamburger menu allows you to shrink all of these options into a small, interactive, user-friendly icon which expands on-click to reveal all of your navigation options. A perfect solution!

The benefits of hamburgering (yes, we made that word up)

Not only does the hamburger menu save you the difficult task of adjusting your template design neatly between desktop and mobile – it can also lead to improved clicks and conversions throughout your email campaigns.
By avoiding the use of a chunky section of navigation at the top of your email, and pushing your important bits of content further up (get those CTA’s raised people!), you are encouraging your mobile users to hit the good stuff sooner – and finally purchase all of the nice goodies they’ve forgotten about.

So can I see some live examples?

Well, duh! I’d be out of job if I was only talking about solutions rather than creating them. So here are a couple of actual client examples:

[/one_half] [one_half_last]


Other potential uses?

There are plenty of potential other brilliant ways to use this technique within email, and not just for navigation menus. But, I’ll leave it at that for now… stay tuned for my next blog!

In the meantime…

Want to inject some more creativity into your remarketing emails? Then we should probably talk!


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