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[Infographic] The Remarketing Report – Q1 2017

[Infographic] The Remarketing Report – Q1 2017


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It’s time for our first remarketing report using 2017 data. Here’s our latest infographic with the key cart abandonment statistics from the first quarter of the year.
Here’s some of the headline stats from the last quarter:
[bctt tweet=”The global cart abandonment rate for Q1 2017 is 75.6%, down 1.2% on the previous quarter!” username=”SaleCycle”]
[bctt tweet=”Finance websites have the highest average abandonment rate of any industry, at 83.5%” username=”SaleCycle”]
[bctt tweet=”52.3% of all abandonments happen on mobile devices.” username=”SaleCycle”]

Desktop vs Mobile Stats

This month, we looked into our data to see how traffic, sales and cart abandonment varied between mobile and desktop.
For some time now, mobile web traffic has been higher than desktop, and this is also the case for many retailers.

However, mobile sales haven’t kept pace with traffic growth, as charts like the one below from December 2016 show.
The obvious conclusion is that people are more than happy to browse and research on mobile, but many still prefer desktop when it comes to actually completing the purchase. It could be an ideal solution to place a browse abandonment email solution on your website especially if mobile browsing increases but mobile conversion rate is not.

SaleCycle client data paints a similar picture, with mobile traffic across all sectors just outpacing that from desktop (51.3% of all traffic is mobile).
Looking at the fashion ecommerce statistics it’s the sector that stands out here, as it’s the only one where the percentage of mobile sales is higher than desktop. 63.2% of fashion sales come via mobile, 36.8% from desktop. 
The percentage of mobile traffic to fashion sites is around 14% higher than the average (at 65.4%), but fashion sites are still out-performing other sectors for mobile sales.
This suggests that fashion retailers are doing a better job at converting mobile shoppers, and there are a number of possible factors here.
One is that fashion purchases tend to involve faster decisions than some other sectors, but I think an important point is that fashion retailers have worked hard to improve the user experience for mobile shoppers in the last few years.


Features like guest checkouts and bigger form fields help to make the purchase process smoother for mobile shoppers. 
It’s interesting to contrast fashion with the travel sector, which has a much greater disparity between mobile traffic and sales.
Mobile accounts for 41.1% of traffic to travel sites, but just 18.3% of sales. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all travel sites are worse than fashion sites from a UX perspective, but the figures do highlight the challenge for this sector.
A longer and more complex research and purchase process for travel products explains the lower mobile sales to an extent, as well as the higher abandonment rates for travel sites, currently 81.7%.
Completing a holiday booking means filling out a long form, with details on each traveller – age, passport numbers etc – something which isn’t necessarily impossible on mobile, but is much easier on desktop in many cases.
The challenge for travel sites is to find ways to address this issue and make it easier for mobile users to buy. This will be about providing a better user experience for the mobile shopper.
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