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Airline Remarketing: What We’ve Learnt from 1 Billion Abandonments

Airline Remarketing: What We’ve Learnt from 1 Billion Abandonments


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SaleCycle’s Marketing Assistant, Nic Weschenfelder shares 3 tips to add urgency to the customer journey.
Last minute jitters, we all get them. The challenge facing marketers is to eliminate any last minute doubts customers may be having moments before they hit that all-important purchase button.
Our ideal customer would have a ‘just do it’ type of attitude but we can’t change attitudes, right? … or can we?
Implementing messages of urgency throughout the customer journey has the power to turn those last minute doubters into happy buyers. So let’s get started and see how subtlety is being brought to the forefront of marketing strategies.

1 Stock Notification

‘Out of stock’ is the last message customers want to see after weeks of eyeing up the perfect product on your site. Implementing a dynamic stock notification both notifies and warns the customer when an item could potentially go out of stock.
At this touchpoint, the customer is faced with a mini purchasing decision. The ball is essentially in the customer’s court with limited time to get it back and they have to act on it with a decision.

Option 1, is to simply put off the purchasing decision a little longer and risk the heartbreak of missing out. Option 2, is to buy the product right away and avoid any potential disappointment. Bringing awareness to stock levels equips customers with the power to make a purchasing decision earlier than perhaps they would have. Put simply, scarcity drives sales!

2 Dynamic Countdown Timers

A psychological driver in creating urgency in the customer journey is simply setting deadlines. Using dynamic countdown timers to display the end of a sale, a discount code or a next day delivery offer is an effective way to convince customers to buy now and not later.
Having limited time to do something forces users to take action, speeding up their purchasing decision and increasing those conversions.

Dynamic countdown timers can also be included in cart abandonment emails to both alert and remind customers how long they have left to grab that beautiful dress to qualify for next day delivery. Be sure to keep countdown timers fresh, timely and relevant in line with current campaigns to maximise conversion rate.

3 Product Popularity

Popular products sell, so letting your customers know how many people are looking at an item can work to your advantage. Using this tool lets customers know how popular particular products are at the time they are viewing an item.

This dynamic information functions as an interactive tool to help accelerate the customer swiftly through to the checkout page.

Similar to a stock notification, the customer is effectively being warned of the potential scarcity of the product causing them to take action and make that ultimate decision.
Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 13.56.34
Flydubai integrate product popularity on a beautiful On-site Remarketing (OSR) message, innovatively reminding their users to book their flight sooner rather than later.

Having brought the popularity of the flight to the user’s attention, the ‘Continue Booking’ button on the OSR functions as the awesome CTA (Call to Action) to urge those convinced users along to their dream holiday without any further delay.

Like all things that provide power, it’s vital not to overuse it or your messages of urgency will become saturated and appear fake! Customers are fast to suss out what’s valuable and what’s not, so don’t overcomplicate the customer journey with loud neon colours, keep it simple yet sophisticated to speed up their purchasing decisions. Balance is everything!

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