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A Beginner's Guide to Checkout Progress Indicators

A Beginner's Guide to Checkout Progress Indicators


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Don’t let delivery charges make your shoppers abandon a purchase! In a recent study, 71% of Gen Z consumers stated they were willing to increase basket size to qualify for free delivery.

Progress bars (also known as checkout progress indicators) are an incredibly useful tool to let your consumers know how far away they are from that desired free delivery.

However, the uses don’t end there!

In this post, we’ll be looking at the benefits of progress bars on an ecommerce site from a UX  perspective, and how you can use them to then increase conversion rates by influencing but not interrupting the journey.

What are Progress Bars and How Can They be Used?

Progress bars are used to show your shoppers just how close they are to qualifying for extra benefits such as free shipping or a discount. These are used to push your shopper to spend a little more.

20% of people said that their main reason for abandoning a purchase was down to a long and complicated checkout process. People often assume they have a long way to go and just give up purchase without knowing just how close they are.

Progress bars are great to use to let your consumers know just how far through the checkout process they are to keep your consumers going. This is used to lower the cart abandonment rate as it gives shoppers an indication on just how close they are to purchasing their item(s).

Progress bars are a can be implemented on both email and on-site. Either after a shopper has abandoned to let them know just how close they are or on site to prompt and increase conversions.

The on-site option can be displayed in a number of ways based on your intention from either a subtle prompt to whole screen takeover.

What Makes a Successful Progress Bar?

  • A clear indication of the goal. (How far they are from qualifying for free shipping/discount or how far away they are from completing their order.
  • Make it clearly visible.
  • Triggered at the right time.  Our progress bars can be triggered to show in a number of ways, it’s important to find out what one works best for you.

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