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A Beginner’s Guide to Live Trends for Ecommerce

A Beginner’s Guide to Live Trends for Ecommerce


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Ecommerce sites can use live trends messages to drive conversions. Trends and data based around a specific product with useful information has the ability to gently push your consumers to make a decision to purchase.

Which Live Trends Data Can Be Shown?

Live trends is an on-site feature, often used to show product availability, how many people are viewing a product and also how many people have purchased the product over a certain period of time.
Showing this data can help your consumers come to a decision to purchase as well as adding an element of urgency to help speed up those conversions!

For best results leading to conversions, it’s best to play on shoppers’ FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).
Imagine, you’ve found the shoes of your dreams, you add them to your bag to come bag to later on when you have a bit more free time.
But wait… the live trend feature shows that there’s only one left in your size! You will have to quickly buy to avoid missing out.

Never underestimate the power of the crowd. By showing how many people have viewed a certain product recently, you are adding social proof to your ecommerce website.
Your shoppers will always be looking for the best and most popular product, and if a lot have people have recently viewed an item it proves that it must be desired. This information can help to nudge your consumer closer to the checkout page.
Additionally, when you show how many people have viewed a certain product, this also adds urgency to speed up conversions.

When Should You Trigger Live Trends?

Live trends can be triggered in a number of ways. Here are some of the most effective options:

A time-based trigger works to show displays once your shopper first lands on a page or has become inactive for a period of time.
These timings are customizable and can be altered to suit your product’s specific needs. However, it’s important now to overdo it, get the balance of scarcity and useful information right!
Exit Intent
You don’t want to bombard your consumers with pop up displays as soon as they go to view a product, which could result in abandonment!
Instead, this display option shows once your visitor takes the cursor outside the window to head to close the browser. The live trends data will hopefully coax your shopper back from the dreaded cross button to consider the product.
Click Trigger
Finally, this display option will show when the visitor has clicked on a certain button or link within the page. This is useful because the data shown can be made to be more specific to what the shopper has clicked on.

Want to know more about Live Trends?

Read more about Live Trends and how you can use urgency to drive conversions.



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