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Cheat Sheet: ATTENTION Grabbing Headlines

Cheat Sheet: ATTENTION Grabbing Headlines


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Great email remarketing means getting your customers attention… and fast.
Inspired by some of our favorite brands, our latest cheat sheet gives you 10 of the most effective headlines you can use in your cart abandonment emails to re-engage your customers and get them back to purchase.
Let’s start with a nice customer service one from our friends at Selfridges…

1 Just a Little Reminder…

As used by… Selfridges
What we love… Customer service with a salesy twist, the use of the words ‘Just’ and ‘Little’ give the email a nice happy feel without losing the focus of the email on what is ‘A Reminder’ about the products left behind.

2 We’ve Got Your Bag

Filson Headline
As used by… Filson
What we love… Using the word ‘We’ really personalizes where the message is coming from while the genius of ‘Your Bag’ is that it forces the customer to picture themselves holding a bag of new goodies!

3 Don’t Miss Out

TM Lewin Headline
As used by… TM Lewin
What we love… The focus and urgency gives this headline a nice, clear direction in what it recommends the customer do and is great for brands with limited stock levels and time-sensitive offers.

4 Can we help with your order?

As used by… Cath Kidston
What we like… The granddaddy of the customer service led headlines, this works on a number of levels as it personifies the brand (‘We’) and gets the customer thinking about what they’ve left behind (‘your order’).

5 Did you Forget Something?

Matches Headline
As used by… Matches
What we like… The open yet clearly rhetorical question cheekily puts the responsibility on the customer to take a look at the products they’ve ‘forgotten’ and tempt them back into purchase.

6 Wow – You’ve Got Great Taste!

LA Senza Headline
As used by… La Senza
What we like… Everyone likes being complimented, so why not do it in an email too!  This tests the theory that flattery will get you everywhere while also making the customer wonder how many people will say this to them for real if they complete their purchase…

7 Get it Before its Gone

Ann Summers Headline
As used by… Ann Summers
What we like… See ‘Don’t Miss Out’ above!

8 Don’t Worry, We’ve Saved Your Basket

Sony Headline
As used by… Sony
What we like… ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ sung Bobby McFerrin famously, well it applies to cart abandonment emails too.  The assumptive nature of the message makes customers feel that purchasing is just the obvious next step. Clever.

9 Too Good to Miss

Apex Hotels
As used by… Apex Hotels
What we like… A clever combination of emotive words help to sell the nice little offer Apex offer their clients when they book and make the customer feel like they really should go ahead and complete the booking.

10 Almost There…

Zipcar Headline
As used by… Zipcar
What we like… This is a cracking headline for travel brands with the clever double meaning, but works in pretty much any sector as it emphasizes just how close the customer is to completing their purchase.

Get More Inspiration

Lot’s of different styles from sales v customer service, serious v cheeky and fun… let us know your favorites below and any other suggestions you might have that didn’t make our Top Ten!


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