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[Infographic] The Science of Email Split Tests

[Infographic] The Science of Email Split Tests


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SaleCycle designer, Andrew Koch, takes us through five email split testing tips to help you boost your opens, clicks and conversions.
The time has finally come for me to cover one of my favorite subjects – email split tests. I will attempt to keep this short, but there is a lot to expose, so this will be broken up into multiple posts where I will explore more split test ideas and results. But first, let’s go back to where it all began.

The Inception of A/B Testing

It was one year ago when I attended the Litmus Conference and it was evident that the email ‘gurus’ agreed on one point unanimously: “Test anything and everything, because every campaign is different.”
They had recommendations for testing colors, buttons, layout, and verbiage to increase conversion and dial in our campaigns.
However, what they were missing was a step by step guide on how to start. So here at SaleCycle we are going to change that for any future split-testers!

Predicting the Future

My hope with these tips give you a solid starting point and elevate your confidence to start thinking about testing on your own. But remember, start small – break out that dusty notepad and gather a list of ideas to test with your brand.
If it’s a struggle to generate enough ideas then check back soon for my next post where I will review some of our favorite examples and what you can learn from them!
Happy Testing!

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