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A Better Way to Capture Marketing Consent On-Site

A Better Way to Capture Marketing Consent On-Site


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Brands collecting marketing permissions are now an accepted part of an online experience. Some websites are doing it well, while others are, well, not so much.

Being based in Singapore myself, anytime I visit a global website I am attacked with messages and overlays begging for permission to collect, store and use my data. Never mind that the GDPR laws don’t apply to me and the websites I’m visiting have every right to track and analyse my online behaviour as they please.

At SaleCycle we’ve developed a way to capture marketing permission on-site in a way that doesn’t interrupt or disrupt the visitor, and is tailored to only show to visitors when legislatively required. On-Site Embed.

What is On-Site Embed for Marketing Permission?

When a visitor enters their email address on your website, SaleCycle’s Marketing Permission Service instantly checks if we have valid consent for this visitor.

Based on this check, SaleCycle will seamlessly embed a consent-capture checkbox or toggle into the HTML of your site. Checkboxes, sliders, toggles; the choice is yours and they can all be customized to match your brand.

The visitors’ choice will be instantly recorded as their permission status and used immediately to manage your marketing campaign targeting.

This takes away the need for static checkboxes or messages that are shown to every visitor no matter their current consent status with you, location, or how often they visit.

Want to talk about how this could work for you? Speak to our team. 

The Benefits of Embedding Content

The flexibility of embedding content allows you to tailor and improve the user experience for your visitors, and is a subtle way to display these consent options.

Our embedded checkbox is not a one-size-fits-all as many retailers have gone for. This service is totally customizable, with the ability to change who sees what at any given time.

Using geo-location (by country), past visits and online behaviour, we can present the correct compliance message, and tailor the content to not only ensure that customers view the message in their regional language, but also to personalize individual visitors’ online experiences. Clever stuff!

If our Marketing Permission Services recognises that a visitor is already opted-in, nothing will be displayed (or an opt-out message can be if legislatively required).

If opt-out status has previously been obtained, this presents the opportunity to have that changed.

And if no consent status is present, it’s the perfect time to ask for it. Nothing will show to people not affected by data privacy legislation which will certainly clean up the checkout process, removing an unnecessary step for many.

Other Potential Uses?

We have a bunch of exciting plans already in the pipeline for our on-site embed feature. Soon you’ll start seeing it used across many other types of campaigns, including embedding countdown timers, promo codes, live trends, and more, directly into the HTML of a site.

Website personalisation in this way will become another channel of delivering campaign content to your visitors in a seamless and non-intrusive way, to help you support and inspire them online.

But for now, if you’d like to find out more about how SaleCycle can help you gather marketing consent and support more conversions in your customer journey, request a demo from our team.


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