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Desktop On-site and Email Remarketing


Marketing Permission Service

Keep your marketing campaigns compliant.


One Service, Three Ways.

Not only can our Marketing Permission Service help to supercharge your SaleCycle campaigns but could also help you to manage compliance for your own marketing messages.


On-Site Capture

We'll capture permission when an email address is given.


Real-Time Collection

We'll collect the permissions you gather yourself on-site.


Permission File Import

We'll import your own permission files into our service.

How it Works.

On-Site Permission Capture

On-Site Display

When a visitor fills in an email capture field on your site, we’ll trigger a notification style display to gather a consent status for that email address. Display notifications are great for when you need to capture the user’s attention and get them to take action.

In-Site Embed

When an email address is entered in a capture field, we will check the consent status in our marketing permission service and embed a consent-capture checkbox or toggle into the HTML of your site. Checkboxes, sliders, toggles; the choice is yours and they can all be customized to match your brand. It’s a subtle way to present these options that don’t disrupt the visitor.

In both instances, your visitors’ choices will be instantly recorded as their permission status and used immediately to manage your marketing campaign targeting.

We’ll identify which country your visitors are in, and show different messages (opt-in or opt-out) based on the consent approach you’ve chosen. The service will also know if visitors are new or have bought from you before, or if an email address has previously opted-in or out to ensure these messages are only displayed or embedded when needed.

Real-Time Permission Collection

We'll collect the permissions you gather yourself on-site.

By placing SaleCycle’s code across your website, we can collect the marketing permission from your visitors as they opt-in or out anywhere on your site. This happens in real-time meaning that you’ll never miss an opportunity to deliver effective marketing to your opted-in visitors.

Permission File Import

We'll import your own permission files into our service.

It couldn’t be simpler. Just send us your own permission files and we’ll import them into our service to keep an accurate record of who we can and can’t market to.

MPS & Email My Basket.

The Perfect Pair

Get marketing consent when a basket email is requested.

75% of visitors add something to their shopping cart but don’t complete the purchase. Our ‘Email My Basket’ (EMB) feature provides a handy route back to their cart when people are more ready to buy.

Combining EMB notifications with transparent and compliant messaging enables you to collect general marketing permission at the same time a basket email is requested.

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– Information Commissioner’s Office

The GDPR is the new EU legal framework for data protection and comes into force on the 25 May 2018. It regulates the processing of personal data and raises the threshold for transparency in the way data is collected and used (such as the process for gathering compliant consent to market to an individual).

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