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Tricks and Treats: Our Guide to Halloween Emails

Tricks and Treats: Our Guide to Halloween Emails


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We’re fast headed into a time when the inbox is flooded with emails on a regular basis (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, then Christmas…), and first up is Halloween.
Your site could be a ghost town if you haven’t got your emails in order to drive traffic.
Follow our dos and don’ts of Halloween email marketing and get ready to be treated with increased engagement!

DO – Use Emojis

Using emojis is a great way to inject a bit of fun into your subject lines, as well as to stand out in the inbox – but use wisely.
There’ll be a sea of pumpkins and ghosts, so try to mix it up and use emojis creatively where possible.

DON’T – Use the Usual Email Template

This is your chance to fright and delight, so don your pointy hat and get really creative with your email templates.
Include GIFs, Halloween themed backgrounds and illustrations and leave your recipients smiling. Put simply, use creative that will stick in your customer’s mind.
This fun email from Postable uses a strong color and fun GIF – a lighthearted take with no scariness in sight.

DO – Personalize

The inbox is flooded around any notable date or event and Halloween is no exception. While other brands are focusing on their Halloween content, call out a recipient’s name, location or previous purchase to catch their attention.
The below email from Starbucks uses the customer’s first name, as well as clever copy to make the recipient believe the products in the email were picked especially for them (we’re a big fan of ‘broomates’, too!)

DON’T – Clutter Your Email Template

When recipients have an influx of emails, the last thing they want after wading through to find your message is to open it and be faced with masses of copy and more wading.
Don’t make it a maze to find the message, keep your Halloween offers and content clear, concise, and fun!
The example below from J.Crew gives an obvious nod to Halloween with the pumpkins, but the 30% off message is super clear.

DO – Go Tongue in Cheek and Use Puns

Everyone expects a pun or two around Halloween, and there are so many to choose from that you’ll be able to come up with one which fits your brand.
But please, whatever you do, don’t use ‘No Tricks, Just Treats’…

DON’T – Forget Your Target Audience

If you’re a fast fashion brand targeting teens or young adults, you can afford to be super daring with your Halloween campaigns.
Whereas if you’re a luxe holiday brand, referring to your clients as ‘basic witches’ probably won’t go down too well. Keep your target market in mind, and tailor your content towards them.

Remember, you know your customers better than anyone else – keep them in mind throughout every stage of your email creation for Halloween campaign success.


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