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Five Tactics for Increasing Conversions over the Christmas Season


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Tis the season to be jolly… and for shoppers to stress over buying presents for their mum all the way to their Grandma’s best friend’s cat (too much?).
So what can online retailers do to encourage their shoppers to buy with them?
Well, these are the features we recommend you use over the holiday season:

Countdown Timers

Sometimes shoppers need a bit of a push into buying items. Countdown timers are a great but gentle way to sway them. This could be a countdown for free delivery, fast delivery is a sales driver and combining this with a countdown timer is a great way to get your customers’ attention.
You can also display when a special deal will end, such as a free product, a discount for the next hour or even a countdown to Christmas! Seeing that there are only 16 days left to Christmas can help make the decision to click that purchase button.

Live Trends

Live Trends are a great way to increase a shoppers FOMO (or fear of missing out). Let’s say you are an Online Travel Agent who is offering a trip to New York for the New Year.
Showing that a particular holiday is being viewed by X amount of people or that there are just two rooms left can really encourage a purchase. (I know I’ve purchased a holiday when I saw only one room was left).
Here’s an example of Live Trends from our client TAP Portugal:

As a retailer, imagine you have a product of the season, a toy that a parent needs to get their child.

Showing the number of products left can really encourage people to buy it there and then, instead of waiting in case there’s a better deal elsewhere.
Shoppers will try and leave your site but tempt them back. Exit Intent is where a shopper takes the cursor outside the window to close the browser, that’s when a live trends message is triggered.

Promo Codes

Now, there are pros and cons of offering too many discounts, so you’ve got to find the right balance.
One potential drawback is that, if you offer a range of discounts and promo codes, seasoned shoppers will notice this. They will purposely abandon your site so they receive that code, meaning a cheaper buy for them – which isn’t the best outcome for retailers.

But, on the other hand, will offering 10% off or free delivery be that final push to get them to buy?
Discounts are attractive to customers and a great tactic for boosting short-term sales, but should be used wisely.

If you want to know more about promo codes, here are Six Ways to Make Promo Codes Work for You.

Cart Abandonment Emails

It’s never too late to bring abandoners back to your site (unless, in this case, it’s the 25th December – a very last minute shopper!)
Gift buying is a massive part of the Holiday Season but you never know quite what to get for people. You may have exhausted the socks, coffee, and slippers options for your dad, so you go browsing around the internet for some inspiration.
Shoppers can need convincing to come back, but you can bring browsers back with a cart abandonment email.
Show shoppers where they left off, how quick delivery can be, the product they were looking at, and even other recommendations! Showing other options may encourage a purchase.

Show Contact Options

Sometimes shoppers need a helping hand, there’s nothing more frustrating than when you can’t find something easily on a website – so many laptops/phones/tablets/staplers (you name it) have nearly been thrown out the window due to this.
In other cases, shoppers may have a question about a product or perhaps delivery that they can’t find an answer to.
In these cases, shoppers can be deterred from abandoning their baskets if they have a way to make contact with the retailer.

For example, our Call Me Feature is a clever feature that tracks visitors and can see when they are about to abandon their purchase.
At this point, a handy message appears on their screen asking if they would like a call, at which point they can enter their contact number so you can follow up.

It’s a great way to stop them from abandoning while offering them a first class customer service. Which shopper doesn’t want that?