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Beyond Software As A Service [SaaS]: Benefits of a Fully-Managed Cart Recovery Service

Beyond Software As A Service [SaaS]: Benefits of a Fully-Managed Cart Recovery Service


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At SaleCycle, our fully-managed service includes dedicated account management and hassle-free implementation that increase conversions and drive sales from a single tag implementation.

A fully-managed service from SaleCycle means having a dedicated Account Manager to monitor and assist with the performance and optimisation of your chosen implementations at any given time. This means 24/7 access to multi-lingual technical support, specialist designers, with regular calls and/or meetings to catch-up and review your live campaigns.

Let’s take a deep dive into exactly how we deliver our dedicated services.

Why SaleCycle Managed-Services Deliver Better ROI

Abandonment Managed Services via SaleCycle is a service that helps online businesses to reduce cart abandonment rates and increase sales. Our services are designed to identify and engage with customers who have added items to their online shopping carts, but have not completed their purchase.

Salecycle is focused on helping businesses recover abandoned carts and increase sales through targeted email campaigns and other strategies to encourage customers to return to their carts and complete their purchase. These campaigns include personalised recommendations, abandoned cart code discounts, or other incentives to motivate the customer to complete their purchase.

In addition to email campaigns, SaleCycle’s managed services also offer abandoned cart analytics and reporting, A/B testing campaign ideas and ongoing optimisation of the campaigns to ensure maximum effectiveness. This also includes identifying the best days for ecommerce sales

The goal of our services is to help ecommerce businesses recover lost revenue from abandoned carts and increase overall sales. By identifying and engaging with customers who have shown an interest in their products, businesses can improve their conversion rates and build stronger customer relationships.

SaleCycle can provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing sales for online businesses.

Delivered Results For Our Clients


Across the ASICS brands, engagement is strongly displayed by the Cart Abandonment campaigns receiving an average 42% open rate, which in turn have produced a sales uplift of 3%.

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New Era

SaleCycle implemented a 2-cycle basket abandonment campaign in the UK and then expanded to France and Germany resulting in 3.14% sales uplift. Each email cycle was optimised for maximum engagement using features such as discount banners and recommended products.

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We implemented a fully optimised cart abandonment campaign, which resulted in a 3% increase in online sales and a 44% email open rate. 

Read full case study here


Recover More Abandoned Sales

You’ll get a free optimisation health check and abandonment solutions audit on your website

The Value of Dedicated Account Management at SaleCycle

SaleCycle’s ecommerce Abandonment Managed Services and Software as a Service (SaaS) are both solutions that can help online businesses reduce cart abandonment rates and improve sales. However, there are some key differences between the two approaches that make our managed services a better option for most businesses.

For example, both Klaviyo and SaleCycle are marketing automation platforms that offer account management services to help businesses maximise their use of the software. 

However, Klaviyo is a SaaS – meaning that they may not be as beneficial for businesses that require more personalised attention and support.

SaaS is a software delivery model which is subscription-based, that typically provides a standard set of features to all customers.

With an account managed service like SaleCycle, businesses can benefit from personalised onboarding and ongoing support, access to a dedicated account manager who can offer guidance and advice, and the ability to customise the software to meet their specific needs.

Here are some reasons why SaleCycle’s Managed Services may be better for your online business than SaaS:

Personalised approach: Managed Services are typically offered as a fully-managed service that includes post-purchase email campaigns and other strategies tailored to your business needs. In contrast, SaaS solutions are often more generic and may not be able to provide the level of customisation that a managed service can offer.

Expertise and experience: Managed services are handled by experts in ecommerce marketing and sales who have a deep understanding of customer behaviour and how to optimise the shopping experience. With SaaS, you may have to rely on your own team’s knowledge and experience to get the most out of the software.

Ongoing support: Our dedicated account managers are able to offer ongoing support and optimisation to ensure that your campaigns continue to perform at their best no matter what stage of the business’s journey. 

Cost-effectiveness: While Abandonment Managed Services may be more expensive upfront, they can often be more cost-effective in the long run. This is because a managed service can help you recover more revenue from abandoned carts, while SaaS solutions may require ongoing investment in staff training and staff numbers to achieve the same results.

In summary, ecommerce Abandonment Managed Services, provided by SaleCycle, can provide a more personalised, expert, and cost-effective approach to reducing cart abandonment rates and improving sales compared to Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

Who Are Our Account Managers?

Our global account managers have a hands-on approach and are invested in the success of our clients. We collaborate with clients to configure their campaigns to achieve optimal results.

What We Offer:

  • Dedicated Implementation Manager
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Calls and/or meetings to catch-up & review performance
  • Campaign health monitoring
  • Automated performance reporting
  • Campaign optimisation planning
  • Access to specialist design resource for template design and refreshes
  • Technical Support (out of hours is available)
  • Multi-language & multi-currency capabilities
  • Campaign segmentation 
  • Industry Insights 
  • Priority access to new features and functionality

Meet Our Account Managers

Kirsty Metcalf is an experienced ecommerce account manager here at SaleCycle. She has worked with a variety of top ecommerce businesses, helping them to optimise their online presence and increase their revenue. In this Q&A, Kirsty answers key questions from a dedicated Account Management perspective, including key tips for increasing conversions and recovering online sales.

Q. As an Account Managed Service provider, how do you work towards recovering online sales for ecommerce businesses?

A. Part of my role as an Account Director is to build relationships with clients so that I have a full understanding of their current business objectives. I will arrange regular meetings to discuss performance and advise on which SaleCycle products may best suit their needs. 

One of the best ways to identify new opportunities is by completing a business review of the current campaign set-up. I will analyse the data and provide suggestions on how to improve their current strategy by creating an optimisation plan. The plan is designed to ensure the client reaches the full potential of the SaleCycle campaign to grow their current performance and maximise ROI and will include custom A/B test recommendations relating to their campaign. 

As part of these discussions I will also provide expert recommendations for any additional opportunities which will compliment their current campaign to help meet their wider business goals.

Q. Based on previous communications and relationships with clients, how much can a cart abandonment campaign positively impact an ecommerce brand?

A. During my time at SaleCycle I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredible global brands, and have witnessed first hand the positive impact a cart abandonment campaign can have on their overall online sales. 

Email open rates vary a lot by industry, type of email and market. For example, the average ecommerce open rate is often around 15%, however I often see upwards of 45% on SaleCycle emails. 

I’ve worked with brands who initially decided to implement a one cycle cart abandonment campaign where the email was sent between 30 minutes to 1 hour from abandonment. Typically we would recommend a two or three cycle campaign, so following successful optimisations based on our best practices, we were able to increase the number of conversions generated through the campaign by +25%.

Q. What 5 tips would you provide to anyone looking to recover more online sales and maximise their customer base?

A. Here are my top 5 tips to recover online sales and maximise your customer base: 

1. Review drop off rates across the site to identify key areas for improvement. This will help shape your strategy to implement targeted messaging and increase online sales. You can then prioritise the touchpoints you want to incorporate into your journey.

2. Test, test and test again! The sky’s the limit when it comes to optimisation and by split testing you will ensure your campaigns remain fresh and relevant… There is always room for improvement.

3. If you want to enrich the user experience you can include dynamic personalisation or segmentation to make the content more targeted to that customer’s journey. By displaying relevant content or imagery within your campaigns you will be sure to improve click through and conversion rates.

4. Incorporating abandonment surveys into your current strategy is a great way to understand why visitors are leaving your site without purchasing. By asking visitors their main reason for abandonment you can react to common themes and implement changes accordingly.

5. Reinforce key messaging such as promotions, sales or new product launches by incorporating banners into your abandonment strategy. You can further enhance this by adding a countdown timer to create additional urgency. 


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