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A Beginner's Guide to Abandonment Surveys

We look at Abandonment Surveys and how they can help retailers to understand more about the reasons for cart abandonment…  Around 77% of visitors who add items to their baskets will abandon the site without making a purchase on the average ecommerce site. This will vary by industry too, with lower rates for sectors like fashion, […]

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[Video] Why Do People Abandon Online Shopping Carts?

In this video, SaleCycle Video Marketing Manager Chris Gascoigne looks into the reasons for cart abandonment. Cart abandonment can be an issue for retailers, though it’s one which retailers can address with the right tactics. [one_half] According to our Q4 Remarketing Report, the average cart abandonment rate was 76.8% for October, November and December 2016. […]

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A Beginners Guide to Remarketing for Utilities

In this post we look at five practical ways that brands in the utility sector can use behavioral marketing to make their online customer journey a warmer one. Whether it’s gas, electricity or water, utilities are set up to make life easier without disruption. However when it comes to striking the right deal, many potential […]

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