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How Retailers Can Use On-Site Conversion Messages

How Retailers Can Use On-Site Conversion Messages


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Product Marketing Manager Katie Ash looks at different options for on-site messages, and how they can be used to drive conversions.
Recognising where visitors are in their journey, and how you can take them to the next stage can be a challenge.
While some visitors may need no help at all; some need reassurance that they’re making the right choice, others just want a helping hand through the journey, and a few may require an extra little nudge to take them over the line.
Our on-site conversion messages come in all shapes and sizes to help you do just that.

In this post, we’ll take you through the different display options, and which messages you could use in each format to drive conversions.


Notification style messages are great to use throughout the customer journey online. This increasingly familiar display type doesn’t interrupt the visitor, as their ability to interact with the page isn’t affected at all.

Use notifications to highlight key messages that can guide or encourage visitors at different buying stages online.
Displaying live trends information or limited ‘stock’ levels on product or booking selection pages, will give visitors that little nudge to make a decision faster.
FOMO can be a great driver of conversions, especially for things where demand drives price and availability, such as on flights.


Displaying on-site messages in a prominent place such as the header or footer of a page, is a great option to get seen without changing the style of the page at all. The design of these banners can make them blend in as non-intrusive messages, or stand out if that’s what you’re after.

Showing countdown timers is a great use of the banner display, as are progress bars. Counting down to the end of a sale or delivery deadlines will keep the urgency to continue in front of the visitor.
Progress bars showing how much more a visitor needs to spend to qualify for free shipping, or how far they have made it through a form encourages them to keep going.

Side Panel

Larger full panel displays can be designed to look like they’re another area of the webpage, perfect for information you want to remain prominent while visitors use your website. They can also be designed to stand out, so that the information they contain can’t be missed.

77% of people seek out customer reviews before completing a purchase online (Jupiter Research).
Consider the power of an on-site message displaying customer or product reviews in the form of a side panel on product pages. The reassurance of positive ratings will help hesitant visitors make their purchase decision, and reduce the number of people leaving the site to seek these elsewhere.


If you need to be seen, grab a visitor’s attention with a classic front and center overlay. Overlays are great for making announcements or for use when exit intent is detected.

Show messages reinforcing your lowest price guarantee, free shipping or lifetime product warranty. These messages shown at just the right time, put visitors minds at ease to complete the purchase.
The overlay display option is a great choice for when a visitor has been idle for some, so when they return to the screen, there is an immediate reminder of what they were doing.


Make use of areas of your site which aren’t being used. Corner messages can be used to provide subtle prompts where needed in the customer journey, and  their design can ensure that they don’t cover any of the important information on the page.

While discount codes are a tricky one to champion for regular use, they can be effective in on-site messages when they come as part of a larger or limited time sale.
Displayed in the corner of the screen, they can be a great conversion driver on pages which usually see higher drop off rates, such as the cart page.


While we’re big advocates of using subtle message to inspire visitors through a purchase online, these discreet clues can be missed by some.
We all know how frustrating it is when you can’t find what you’re looking for or need more information before a purchase. If we can’t get the help or answers we need, we leave.

If this is the case and a sale is on the line, a full screen takeover is a display option that can’t be missed. When triggered on exit intent, full-screen takeovers can be used to display ‘email my basket’ or ‘call me’ service messages in a last attempt to save the sale.

In Summary

The best display option will often be based on your conversion goal.
Whether using on-site messages to make an announcement, give visitors a helping hand, or to save a sale, their intent is to enhance the customer experience online and turn more visitors into customers.


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