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[Infographic] The Remarketing Report: Q1 2015

An infographic summarizing the key shopping cart and booking abandonment stats from Q1 2015 and corresponding email remarketing rates. Taken from a consolidation of statistics from over 500 global brands, our quarterly remarketing report looks at all the key cart abandonment and remarketing stats from January, February and March 2015: TWEET THIS INFOGRAPHIC A Cure […]

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Remarketing Revealed: The Wisteria Story

On the backend of our recent case study with home furnishings & décor company, Wisteria, we wanted to dig a little deeper and get the inside scoop. So we caught up with SaleCycle Enterprise Account Manager, Elyse Hall, to get her insight on what makes this multi-cycle email remarketing campaign so successful and the tips […]

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5 Epic Stats from Black Friday and Cyber Monday

With the dust from the two biggest shopping dates of the year settling, Matthew Martindale highlights some post carnage stats. We knew it was coming. We all prepared. Retailers stocked their shelves (digital or physical) and web hosts laid down sandbags. With more global retailers than ever getting involved, the Black Friday / Cyber Monday […]

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[Animation] The REAL Toy Story

Smyth’s Toys and SaleCycle teamed up to look at shopping cart abandonment from a slightly different perspective… With $3 trillion dollars worth of revenue set to be abandoned in 2014, most retailers are well aware of the challenges faced thanks to shopping cart abandonment. BUT does anyone take the time to spare a thought for the stuff […]

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Meet the Marketer: Smyths Toys

We caught up with Dryden Geary, Marketing Manager at Smyths Toys, for 7 Questions in 7 Minutes. Anyone in the UK or Ireland who has children (or younger family) will be able to tell you exactly where their nearest Smyths Superstore is. With 70 stores and a thriving online presence, Smyths is a leader in children’s entertainment and a regular […]

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5 Remarketing Tactics We Love to Hate

We’re generally a pretty positive bunch here at SaleCycle. However, in response to our blog ‘5 Incredibly Effective Ways To Improve Your Email’, I thought it would be fun to turn the concept on it’s head and look at the five remarketing tactics we love to hate. Take a read through and let me know […]

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[Infographic] The Retailer's Guide to Remarketing

A great infographic revealing the opportunity remarketing represents for retailers across the globe. With 1.15 billion digital consumers flocking online to shop, thing’s are shaping up to what looks like a promising future for global e-commerce. But with the increase in sales, also comes a rise in online cart abandonment. So what’s an e-commerce marketer to do? Check […]

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Meet the Marketer: Matalan

In our latest Meet The Marketer, we caught up with Marcus Fairbrother at Matalan for 7 Questions in 7 Minutes. Q What drew you to Matalan? A There’s a buzz and an urgency to value retailing that you just don’t seem to get in the high ticket market. I enjoy delivering new initiatives at pace, and Matalan […]

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What's so Trendy about Mobile?

Account Manager, Chamari De Silva, gives you the inside scoop on how to become a major trendsetter in online retail. Don’t you just hate when you’re browsing the web on your mobile device and not only do you have to scroll up and down but left and right?! I know this issue affects more than […]

Read More… – Three is the Magic Number

A look at’s brilliant multi-cycle email remarketing campaign… There’s no quicker and easier way to boost recovered revenue on your campaign than to implement another email remarketing cycle. SaleCycle allows our clients to send up to 3 emails in response to a customer abandonment in order to help recover their cart. Recently, my colleague […]

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